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Read our guide to the best small business accounting software. You cannot buy the most recent version of QuickBooks without a subscription. QuickBooks no longer offers the option to buy a QuickBooks license instead of the QuickBooks Desktop subscription. QuickBooks Desktop no longer offers licenses; instead you have to buy a yearly subscription.

purchase quickbooks desktop

For some businesses with many files or business entities to manage, this is a deal-breaker for using QBO. Tax time isn’t the only annual event businesses have to pay attention to. Each year, just like clockwork, Intuit sunsets another version of QuickBooks desktop software to move forward and focus on newer versions. Feature additions and functional improvements are constantly being introduced so users are regularly asked to update and (annually) upgrade their software.

What is the difference between QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Desktop Hosting, and QuickBooks Online?

This introduces another notable issue with the Desktop software. You must pay an additional fee for every user who wants to access the account simultaneously, whereas Online lets multiple users access the account at the same time. For $27.50 per month for the first three months, then $55 per month after that, get up to three users, manage and pay bills and track time with its Essentials plan, which is its most popular plan. Upgrade to Plus for $42.50 per month for the first three months, then $85 per month afterward, and you will receive access for up to five users, inventory tracking and the ability to track project profitability. One of the biggest differences between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier is that Quickbooks Premier offers six industry-specific versions of the software in addition to the standard version.

purchase quickbooks desktop

QuickBooks Desktop Pro’s inventory accounting isn’t as enhanced as QuickBooks Premier’s, but it does a great job of monitoring the COGS and calculating ending inventory. You can track the availability of inventory and the average and the total number of items, create purchase orders (POs) for vendors, and set up alerts when you’re running out of inventory. Based on the chart above, QuickBooks Desktop Pro excels in most areas of accounting, including banking, A/P and A/R, project accounting, and inventory, which we discuss in greater detail below.

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Unlike buying a subscription from Intuit directly, a reseller can sell you the QuickBooks Desktop application as a one-time fee. There will be no additional subscription fees while using the software for your business needs. QuickBooks Desktop software is as an annual subscription that will auto-renew with your credit card on file, so there’s no service interruption. If you purchased Desktop software via retail, make sure to place your credit card on file for uninterrupted service. QuickBooks Desktop is popular with small business owners for a reason. It offers affordability, a ton of useful features, easy system navigation, and scalability.

Read our QuickBooks Payments review to learn more about the platform. However, despite this minor issue, Pro offers almost all the A/P features we look for in accounting software. It allows you to enter bills as you receive them and then pay them later. You can record a new bill from the Enter Bills window from the Vendors menu. For $1,410 per year, get the Enterprise plan with advanced pricing, reporting and inventory.

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Some of the accounting software we reviewed, such as Zoho Books and FreshBooks, have better customer service, with the option to initiate a call. Both versions offer automatic syncing with your bank so you can categorize transactions. Add payroll to QuickBooks Online starting at $45 per month, or to Desktop starting at $50, plus $2 per employee, per month.

In comparison, QBO yearly plans start from $180, whereas QBD yearly prices start from $549. Taking into account also the extra features that the Online version offers, it’s safe to say that Intuit really wants you to move over to QBO what to look for when hiring an accountant sooner rather than later. The recent news of QBD 2020 losing support has left users questioning — will there be a QuickBooks Desktop 2023? The good news is yes — QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus 2023 was released in September 2022.

It’s affordable (same price or less than with shared hosting) and you can run ALL your business software on it for no additional fees. When multi-user access is needed, NOOBEH delivers completely private cloud servers where all your users can access your business applications and data securely, from anywhere you need them to. Previously, QuickBooks users also had the option to purchase a one-time license. While users didn’t have to pay an annual subscription fee, features such as unlimited customer support and automated data backup and recovery cost an additional fee. Additionally, support for QuickBooks licenses ended after three years, so users could no longer use features such as payroll or get the latest updates and security patches.

This means if you’re using any version of QuickBooks Desktop 2020 you’ll want to move to the new subscription model or to QuickBooks Online. You can send email invites to your accountant from within the software. Either way, Mendelson Consulting and NOOBEH have the right solution for you, along with the best way to keep it running and working for your business. Only available in the Advanced Inventory module, which is available in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum and Diamond.

  • So we’ve covered how much QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise cost and the additional fees to expect with each.
  • This may signal future abandonment of its Desktop version as more people move to the cloud.
  • The QuickBooks mobile app is also available for free and lets you manage your account on the go.
  • Payment gateways allow you to accept payments from your customers.

Fourlane has consultants certified in QuickBooks and other ERP software such as NetSuite and Acumatica. QuickBooks isn’t just for small businesses; we make it work for medium-sized enterprises as well by utilizing the API for integrations and apps. However, if you’ve hit a ceiling in what QuickBooks can do for your growing business, Fourlane is just one of a small handful of firms that have bridged the gap between QuickBooks and ERP systems. We’ll create customized training and documentation specific to your business, processes, and industry. With thousands of QuickBooks conversions, Fourlane is the most trusted company for converting your data to QuickBooks. Whether you’re currently using QuickBooks Desktop and need professional consulting services or are looking to buy QuickBooks Desktop for your business, we can help.

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There are over 200 options instead of the 650-plus to its cloud counterpart. When working with the Desktop version, it’s downloaded right to your computer. This means the data operates as fast as your computer, all without needing to worry about a connection issue.

Benefits of QuickBooks Desktop

If you need to track P&L separately between two locations, you need QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Pro or any version of QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t offer location tracking. When recording an inventory item in QuickBooks Pro, select Inventory Part and then complete the New Item form that shows up. To set up new inventory, complete important details, such as item name, purchase cost and description, and sales cost and description. Typically, the address info and payment settings are automatically filled in, but you can make changes on the fly if needed. You will most likely need to provide important details in the Job Info section, such as job description, job type, job status, and projected end date.

With stronger reporting, industry-specific tools, a better price structure, and more extensive functionality, you can go with QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks desktop’s home screen features the well-known flowchart style, which depicts how various transactions flow through the accounting system. QuickBooks Online, on the other hand, may be the better option if bank feed integration is vital to you. QuickBooks is the most extensively used small business accounting software for tracking financial health and managing income and expenses.

Each of these versions gives you access to specialized features and reports at no additional cost. In addition to the basic QuickBooks Enterprise features, QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum also includes advanced inventory, advanced pricing, and bill workflow approvals. QuickBooks Desktop uses navigation centers that make it easy to get around in the application, even for new users. The main screen is divided into sections, with each section offering a flow chart with access to specific features relative to each navigation center.

There are changes in the subscription policy and prices, but the main thing is that there is a new version available, and for those who still don’t want to move to the Online software, QBD 2023 is an option. Intuit has stated that QuickBooks Desktop is being phased out gradually, and they eventually want to move entirely to QuickBooks Online (QBO). It’s easier to maintain one web-based platform that all users can utilize instead of building different products to fit specific requirements. QuickBooks Desktop Premier is more advanced as it handles inventory assembly items to build and track finished goods. This is essential when building products with separate parts or materials to track.

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